Content Professor Web Based Article Spinner

Content Professor Web Based Article Spinner

Content Professor is the First web-based spinner with a user-generated thesaurus database. Its dynamic database prioritizes synonyms based on how often they're used. Unlike other synonym databases, ours doesn't just accumulate synonyms. Instead, the system is based on quality. With Content Professor, as high quality synonyms are being added, irrelevant synonyms are also being removed. And thats the way it should be. The result is that over time our dynamic database refines itself automatically giving you the highest quality and most relevant spun articles possible. Works online with Any computer and Any browser. So there are NO installation or compatibility problems. The Standard version is Free for all users. Upgrade only if and when you choose to. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

Content Professor Web Based Article offers lots of key features that the power users are usually interested in, wrapped up in a friendly and likable interface, at the same time benefiting from great online support & tutorials, which makes Content Professor Web Based Article an easy to use program even for the inexperienced users.

This is an amazing piece of software at a bargain price, you can not lose. If you have any information about the cons of this software, please share with us.

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Example SMS receiver

Def message_received msg_id box inbox.Inbox appuifw.note uNew message s box.content msg_id app_lock.signal box inbox.Inbox box.bind message_received print Waiting for new SMS messages app_lock e32.Ao_lock app_lock.wait print Message handled The Inbox object's bind function binds a callback function to an event that is generated by an incoming message. In this example, the function message_received is called when a new message arrives. The callback function takes one parameter, namely the ID of...


In order to use RBAC, users need to be identified. This means that they need to register or be registered and log in. Auth provides multiple login methods. The default one consists of identifying users based on the local auth_user table. Alternatively it can log in users against third-party basic authentication systems for example a Twitter account , SMTP servers for example Gmail , or LDAP your corporate account . It can also use third-party single-sign-on systems, for example Google. This is...

Jinja Templating

Now, we can set up Jinja to serve some templates from a folder for us Well that was easy. This gives us a templates variable that we can use to load templates based on filename from the given folder. Before we create the CherryPy app server, let's have a look at the templates. Let's scrutinize the simple template for adding a blog article first block title New Entry endblock block content form method POST Title lt input name title type text size 40 gt lt br gt lt textarea name message rows 10...

How can I change an HTML window programmatically

If you are displaying an HTML page, there's a good chance that your frame is behaving like a browser in one way or another. Even if it's not actually browsing the web, it could be browsing help files, or other kinds of linked data. If your user is browsing, the text being changed in your display also needs to change in response to user information. There are a couple of ways to access and change information in the HTML window while it's running. First, you can get the URL of the currently...

Page Layout

Views can extend and include other views in a tree-like structure, as in the following example an upward arrow means extend, while a downward arrow means include header.html index.html sidebar.html footer.html header.html index.html sidebar.html footer.html In this example, the view index.html extends layout.html and includes body.html. layout.html includes header.html, sidebar.html and footer.html. The root of the tree is what we call a layout view. Just like any other HTML template file, you...

Using the Clipboard

PyQt provides clipboard support for text in QTextEdit, QLineEdit, QTableWidget, and the other widgets where textual data can be edited. PyQt's clipboard and drag-and-drop systems use data in MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions format, a format that can be used to store any arbitrary data. Occasionally, it is convenient to pass data to the clipboard or retrieve data from the clipboard directly in code. PyQt makes this easy. The QApplication class provides a static method that returns a...

The Xmlrpc Introspection API

An unofficial addendum to the XML-RPC specification defines three special functions in the system namespace, as a convenience to users who might not know which functions an XML-RPC server supports, or what those functions might do. These special functions are the web service equivalent of Python's ever-useful dir and help commands. Both SimpleXMLRPCServer and CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler support two of the three introspection functions, assuming you call the register_introspection_functions method...

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