Selling as a Platform Rather Than a Product

Likewise, now that you have extensibility built into your product in fifteen lines or less, you can offer your product as a framework on which other people can build. Microsoft calls this "developing an ecosystem," whereby they sell one copy of Microsoft Windows to everyone on Earth, and everyone else has to build to that standard. Not that this will automatically make you into Microsoft, but you don't have to look too far to see that this model can work.

This is where you may find that having a completely open codebase at each of your customer sites is a huge advantage. They can build it into their own processes, doing things you would never have imagined. For instance, early on in CANVAS development, Immunity sold a copy to a large software company that then developed a process of their own using CANVAS. They were using CANVAS to scan their entire network once a day. They would use the results to automatically upload the patches needed to address the issue that had permitted them to break in. This is the sort of automation you allow your customers to have when your product is Pure-Python. They will find a lot of value in that.

Additionally, Python is so easy to debug that many non-programmers have sent Immunity patches they've figured out on their own in their environment. Although these patches may not always have been of the quality you wanted, it's important to note that you won't see customers going to that sort of effort for any compiled product or even a large open- source C codebase.

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