The Python Chat Server Protocol

Having decided on a feature set and a design, we must now define an application-specific protocol for our Python Chat Server. This protocol will be similar to SMTP, HTTP, and the IRC protocol in that it will run atop TCP/IP to provide the structure for a specific type of application. However, it will be much simpler than any of those protocols.

The mirror server also defined a protocol, though it was so simple it may have escaped notice. The mirror server protocol consists of three simple rules:

1. Send lines of text to the server.

2. Every time you send a newline, the server will send you back that line of text, reversed, with a newline at the end.

3. Send a blank line to terminate the connection.

The protocol for the Python Chat Server will be a little more complex than that, but by the standards of protocol design it's still a fairly simple protocol. The following description is more or less the information that would go into an RFC for this protocol. If we were actually writing an RFC, we would go into a lot more detail and provide a formal definition of the protocol; that's not as necessary here, because the protocol definition will be immediately followed by an implementation in Python.

Of course, if we did write an RFC for this, it wouldn't be accepted. The IRC protocol already has an RFC, and it's a much more useful protocol than this example one.

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