About the Authors

Dave Brueck is a professional software developer who loves to use Python whenever possible. His current projects include developing networked games, developing Python interfaces to his stockbroker's C SDK, and plotting to overturn various world governments. Previously Dave was a contributing author to 3D Studio Max R3 Bible by Kelly Murdock, published by Hungry Minds (formerly IDG Books Worldwide).

Stephen Tanner is currently using Python to build a black-box software testing framework. His side projects include Python tools to perform probabilistic derivatives-trading analysis, and to download mass quantities of .mp3s.

Aside from their "real" jobs, Dave and Stephen enjoy convincing people to pay them big bucks for consulting jobs.

To Jennie, Rachael, and Jacob—thanks for being patient. To Pokey the Penguin —NOW who is going to the restaurant? To the weeds in my unfinished back yard—playtime is over. —Dave

For great justice! — Stephen

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