What You Need

Besides the book, all you need is a properly installed copy of Python. Appendix A lists some Python resources available online, but a good place to start is www.python.org; it has prebuilt versions of Python for all major platforms as well as the Python source code itself. Once you've downloaded Python you'll be underway in a matter of minutes.

If you're a user of Microsoft Windows, you can download an excellent distribution of Python from www.activestate.com. ActiveState provides a single download that includes Python, a free development environment and debugger, and Win32 extensions.

PythonWare (www.pythonware.com) also offers a distribution of Python that comes bundled with popular third-party Python modules. PythonWare's version peacefully coexists with older versions of Python, and the small distribution size makes for a quick download.

No matter which site you choose, Python is free, so go download it and get started.

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