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Stop download link sharing and thankyou / download page sharing with expiring download links. Dlguard allows you to set a time limit for the amount of time a link is valid as well as limit the number of times someone can use that link. This offers flexible security for your product, helping to fight against piracy. Dlguard is the perfect solution to secure your single sale item, such as a niche marketing website, software sales, ebook sales, and more! Dlguard not only protects your download page, but it makes setting up new products, or making changes to existing products so much quicker and easier than before. Dlguard will provide you with the purchase link you need, and a small snippet of code you use to integrate your payment processor with your website. Dlguard allows you to easily offer bonus products for secure download after purchasing your main product through it's unique bonus download feature. Read more here...

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As we learned at the beginning of the chapter, Python commands are called statements. One kind of statement is an expression statement, or expression for short. You're familiar with mathematical expressions like 3 + 4 and 2-3 5 each expression is built out of values like 2 and 3 5 and operators like + and -, which combine their operands in different ways. Like any programming language, Python can evaluate basic mathematical expressions. For example, the following expression adds 4 and 13 When...

Nltk Feature Grammar Embedded Function

1. 0 What constraints are required to correctly parse word sequences like I am happy and she is happy but not you is happy or they am happy Implement two solutions for the present tense paradigm of the verb be in English, first taking Grammar 8 as your starting point, and then taking Grammar 20 as the starting point. 2. 0 Develop a variant of grammar in Example 9-1 that uses a feature COUNT to make the distinctions shown here 3. 0 Write a function subsumes that holds of two feature structures...

How do I use standard file dialogs

Wxpython Filedialog Select Folder

Most GUI applications must save and load data of some kind or another. For the sanity of both you and your users, having a single, consistent mechanism for choosing files is desirable. Happily, wxPython provides the standard dialog wx.FileDialog to insert into your applications for this purpose. Under MS Windows, this class is a wrapper around the standard Windows file dialog. Under an X Window system, this is a similar looking custom dialog. Figure 6.5 displays the file dialog for the sketch...


If Let's obtain the thread and context information self.h_thread self.context print Event Code d Thread ID d debug_event.dwDebugEventCode, debug_event.dwThreadId If the event code is an exception, we want to if debug_event.dwDebugEventCode EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT self.exception_address if exception EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION print Access Violation Detected. If a breakpoint is detected, we call an internal elif exception EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT continue_status self.exception_handler_breakpoint print...


Pid raw_input Enter the PID of the process to attach to debugger.attach int pid printf print Address of printf 0x 08x printf debugger.run This harness simply sets a breakpoint on the printf call whenever it gets executed. The length of the breakpoint is only a single byte. You will notice that in this harness we imported the my_debugger_defines.py file this is so we can access the HW_EXECUTE constant, which provides a little code clarity. When you run the script you should see output similar to...

Sqlform and uploads

Grid Sqlform Grid Web2py

They are rendered as INPUT fields of type file. Unless otherwise specified, the uploaded file is streamed in using a buffer, and stored under the uploads folder of the application using a new safe name, assigned automatically. The name of this file is then saved into the field of type uploads. As an example, consider the following model 2 Field 'name' , requires IS_NOT_EMPTY , You can use the same controller action display_form shown above. When you insert a...

URL Mapping

Royal Hallamshire Hospital Floor Plan

To the function f in controller c.py in application a. If f is not present, web2py defaults to the index controller function. If c is not present, web2py defaults to the default.py controller, and if a is not present, web2py defaults to the init application. If there is no init application, web2py tries to run the welcome application. This is shown schematically in the image below By default, any new request also creates a new session. In addition, a session cookie is returned to the client...

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