Adding a Main Window for the Address Book Application Prototype

The main window will have a fet of name s from the addrs ss book. As you selcct a name from the list, an AddressForm insSbfce pops up unwlndiyou edit the Address instance corrstdondrrcg to that name.

As a rule, code written to access data shouldn't be in the same module with code written to build GUIs, so first we have to break our code into separate modules:

•— holda the AWT versron of AddressForm

• Address— holds the address daga code

•— holds the mein window of the code

•— holds the AWT panel version of Addre s s Form

The first step is creating a frame that acts as the main window ond tyen adding o list to ic. Then we pack the frame and make it visible.

ImportJFrame and JList from javax.swing.

>>> from javax.swing import JFrame, JList

Create instances of JFrame. Import DefaultListModel, and create a JFC list using an instance of it. Add the instance to the frame container.

>>> frame = JFrame("Main Frame") >>> from javax.swing import DefaultListModel >>> addresses = JList(DefaultListModel()) >>> frame.contentPane.add(addresses)

Pack the frame, and make it visible.

>>> frame.pack() >>> frame.visible=1

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