The first time I wrote tie addrest book application, I used all of the old AWT components (j ava . awt . Frame, j ava. awt. Panel, etc.). When I modified it, only 12 lines out of 114 had to be changed, and 9 of lhose STale whi JList.

The point is that the move from List to JList charged a lot, although most of the charges weren't needed. Other JFC/AWT components map nicely even though they're not closely related on the class hierarchy. ^cOily JList is the exception, not the rule.

Up to now what we've reen of JFC/Swing is pretty much tie same as AWT. Most developers have migrated to Swing by now, in spite of the fact that the first few Swing versions were well short of perfect. Sirce then, Swing has proven its worth.

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