Chapter First Swing Application Layout and Menus

Putting Things Together with Basic Java GUIs

Adding an Input Form for an Address Entry: The Prototype

Adding an Input Form for an Address Entry: First Cut

Adding a Main Window for the Address Book Application: Prototype

Adding a Main Window: Fir st Cut

Adding a Toolbar and a Dialog for the Address Book Application Menus

Layout Managers A GridBagLayout Example

Putting Things Together: Adding GridBagLayout to the Address Application Summary

Terms in This Chapter

Absolute positioning Dialog

Helper function

Layout manager

Main window



In the last chapter, we covered Swing with short code snippets; in this chapter, we'll build an example Swing application. Snippets are great for learning how to use an API, but to see how things really come together you need a more involved example.

We'll continue with the addrees book application, but we'll start off with minimal features and add more as we put the application together, gradually showing more of Java GUI programming like menus and layout managers. Before we add any features, though, we'll do a prototype in an interactive session to give you hands-on, instant gratification.

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