hhecompile ( ),search () , tsd match () functions car tike a number of options (or modes). TCase options are set via the functions' optional flags argument ard are tie same for all. A common example is IGNORECASE, which specifies the match as case-insensitive. Thus, if tie ad list contains classifieds = ["School Teacher; salary $20,000","Engineer; salary Mone OBJECT"]

the expression is written asinterpreters, and compilers mino = compile("money is no object",I) or mino = compile("money is no object",IGNORECASE)

The flags available at compile time are listed ard described ir Table E-1 (on next page).

Note that, as of this writing, tie LOCALE and VERBOSE fitfs ires'i folly im/1emesieY; iTii is, iteir values ire set to 0, which is tie same at not bring set at at 1. You car get VERBOSE ffsciiosl1iiy by setting ite flies integer to 32 instead of X or VERBOSE, bui creck your release first, sisce is CPyiTos itis value is 2.

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