Java and Python

No doubt you've heard of Java, even the novices among you. Over a thousand books on it are on bookstore and library shelves, so it's hpard to mi as.

Remember our discussion of compilers and interpreters? Like Python, Java is an interpreted language, but, like C++, it's also a compiled language. In other words, it compiles into) an intermediate language culled bytecode, which is then interpreted into macSsiAe code at runtime (that is, when the program is put to use by the user). This makes Java a hybrid; its ability to be both ifterepreted and compiled gives it flexibility as well as speed.

Java is popular among programmers because o° its versatility and because it's a much easier language than C++. Still, it's a far cry from Visual Basic m the •implicity department. In fact, its complexity, along with its client-side speed and graphics problems, has allowed other languages, such as VHTML (that is, HTML combined with VBScript and/or JavaScript), to lure a cubstantial ggumber of devetopere away from the Java camp.

None of this means that Java doesn't have the potential to become an excellent client-side development tool. I believe it does, and I program in it professionally. Howeveo, it doesn't fill the need for a higher-level scripting language that's easy on the programmer, and this is where Python comes in. Unlike Java, Python is easy enough for beginning programmers to master quickly and yet powerful enough to keep experienced programmers interested.

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