Thematch () method searches for a regular expression at the beginning of a string. If the optional parameter pos is supplied, the search starts at position pos, which is consider! d the start. If the optional parameter endpos is supplied, the search ends when endpos is encountered. The default is from position 0 to the end of the string. The return Is a match object.

Here's an example that aoesn'n mftchbecause the tesI isn't at the beginning of the stting. Therefore, noahing is printed out.

>>> if (cre.match("This is a test")): ... print "From beginning \n"

Here's an example in which the starting position is 10. A match is returned only if the expression is found at the beginning of the string.

>>> if (cre.match("This is a test",10)): . .. print "From pos 10 - \n"

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