Surveying the Applet Landscape

Applet isTeriis til of citss j ava . applet .Applet's nfsciiost1iiy. What's more, ite Applet citss employs ite FiQtYe Yesifs titters, wticT ftciliities the use of mtsy utilities, ard so forth, so it makes tasks such as Web image dowsloading as easy as possMe.

To see tie amount of functionality applets provida, tikf a 1001s at Applet's metiods. Here ire bust the first fifteen:

>>> for i in range (0, 15): ... print methods[i]

public void java.applet.Applet.destroy()

public j ava.applet.AppletContext j ava.applet.Applet.getAppletContext()

public java.lang.String java.applet.Applet.getAppletInfo()

public j ava.applet.Audi oClip j ava.applet.Applet.getAudioClip(j

public j ava.applet.Audi oClip j ava.applet.Applet.getAudioClip(j

public java.applet.Applet.getCodeBase()

public java.applet.Applet.getDocumentBase()

public java.awt.Image java.applet.Applet.getImage(

public j ava.awt.Image j ava.applet.Applet.getImage(j,j public java.util.Locale java.applet.Applet.getLocale()

public j ava.lang.String j ava.applet.Applet.getParameter(j ava.lang.Stri public java.lang.String[][] java.applet.Applet.getParameterInfo() public void java.applet.Applet.init() public boolean java.applet.Applet.isActive() public static final java.applet.AudioClip j ava.applet.Applet.newAudioClip(j

Here are the rest:

>>> for i in range (15, 23): ... print methods[i]

public void

public void j, j ava.lang.String)

public void java.applet.Applet.resize(int,int)

public void java.applet.Applet.resize(java.awt.Dimension)

public final void java.applet.Applet.setStub(java.applet.AppletStub)

public void java.applet.Applet.showStatus(java.lang.String)

public void java.applet.Applet.start()

public void java.applet.Applet.stop()

That's a lot of methods to leara, ard this is just the tip of She iceberg since we're not considerisg ary methods That Applet isierits from its superclasses. (We covered those methods earlier in this book.)

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