As programs grow the code often becomes more complex

And complex code can be hard to read, and even harder to maintain. One way of managing this complexity is to create functions. Functions are snippets of code that you use as needed from within your program. They allow you to separate out common actions, and this means that they make your code easier to read and easier to maintain. In this chapter, you'll discover how a little function knowledge can make your coding life a whole lot easier.

Starbuzz is out of beans! 78

What does the new program need to do? 79

Don't duplicate your code... 81

Reuse code with functions 82

Always get things in the right order 84

Return data with the return command 87

Use the Web, Luke 93

The function always sends the same message 94

Use parameters to avoid duplicating functions 96

Someone decided to mess with your code 102

The rest of the program can't see the password variable 104

When you call a function, the computer creates a fresh list of variables 105

When you leave a function, its variables get thrown away 106

Starbuzz is fully stocked! 110

Your Programming Toolbox 111

data files and arrays Sort it out

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