As your programs develop so do your data handling needs

And when you have lots of data to work with, using an individual variable for each piece of data gets really old, really quickly. So programmers employ some rather awesome containers (known as data structures) to help them work with lots of data. More times than not, all that data comes from a file stored on a hard disk. So, how can you work with data in your files? Turns out it's a breeze.

Surf's up in Codeville

Find the highest score in the results file

Iterate through the file with the open, for, close pattern

The file contains more than numbers...

Split each line as you read it

The splitQ method cuts the string

But you need more than one top score

Keeping track of 3 scores makes the code more complex

An ordered list makes code much simpler

Sorting is easier in memory

You can't use a separate variable for each line of data

An array lets you manage a whole train of data

Python gives you arrays with lists

Sort the array before displaying the results

Sort the scores from highest to lowest

You somehow forgot the surfer names

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