Create a new program file

When you first start IDLE, it displays a window called the Python Shell. Select the New Window option from the Python Shell File menu, which creates a new edit window for you. Input your program code as text into this edit window and you'll be on your way.

Python 5hull

Hie ttiit ihe i L^bug Option* Windows

Hh* WmdO* CtiKN

Ch^twuii All+C £ath Hmwipr

Sijw: Chl+sF

iMit Crk|

P^inl Window Clil-<-P

tlose tjiit

AIM 1 4


jiti* or "licinaej loir cjort inlormntionL

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File friit Tnrmflt Run Op^nns WiiMtnwi


This is ah It)lb edit window.

Mpip print ("WciconvcJ") CJ = Ittjnil ( "fiij+^M^ h* ■ ■ LJI— ■ ^i--r : "J guess - int{g)

print (Toil winJ"J print["Ion LoBel"]

The Python pvogva«, is dolov-¿oded wi-thih /VLB's edit Window. This dolov-dodihfl is «Wd to as "syntax highlighting." Be sure to e»ter thedode ¡»EXACTLY* it appeaw heme. £Wt those V dhavadtevs.

I h finl ft

This is how IDLE looks on our Computer_ T'ngs might look a little different on y^«- D,on t worry: the IDLE menu system and |DLES behavior should be the same, regardless of whiCh operating system you're usmg.

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