GUIs dont just process events They also handle data

Almost all GUI applications need to read user data, and choosing the right widgets can change your interface from data entry hell to user heaven. Widgets can accept plain text, or just present a menu of options. There are lots of different widgets out there, which means there are lots of choices, too. And, of course, making the right choice can make all the difference. It's time to take your GUI program to the next level.

Head-Ex needs a new delivery system 258

They've already designed the interface 259

Read data from the GUI 260

The Entry and Text widgets let you enter text data into your GUI 261

Read and write data to text fields 262

Large Text fields are harder to handle 263

One of the Head-Ex deliveries went astray 270

Users can enter anything in the fields 271

Radio buttons force users to choose a valid depot 272

Creating radio buttons in tkinter 273

The radio buttons should work together 275

The radio buttons can share a model 276

The system tells the other widgets when the model changes 277

So how do you use models in tkinter? 278

Head-Ex's business is expanding 282

There are too many depots on the GUI 283

An OptionMenu lets you have as many options as needed 284

The model stays the same 285

Things are going great at Head-Ex 291

Your Programming Toolbox 292

£3 Cambridge, MA ^J Cambridge, UK Seattle, WA

exceptions and message boxes Get the message?

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