Head First Programming

by Paul Barry and David Griffiths

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November 2009: First Edition.

Dawn (without whom the book would never have been finished)

Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates Brett D. McLaughlin Brian Sawyer Steve Fehler Scott DeLugan Colleen Toporek Angela Howard

David: Dawn; Paul: Deirdre, Joseph, Aaron, and Aideen

Deirdre (super mom)

Aideen (future singer/songwriter)

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Aaron and Joseph (real-life surfer dudes)


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We dedicate this book to the first person who looked at a computer and then asked the question, "I wonder how I make it do this... ?"

And to those that made programming complex enough that people need a book like ours to learn it.

David: To Dawn. The smartest person I know.

Paul: This one's dedicated to my father, Jim Barry, who, 25 years ago—when I needed a push—pushed me toward computing. That was a good push.

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