Imagine trying to communicate without words

All programs process data, and one of the most important types of data is text. In this chapter, you'll work through the basics of textual data. You'll automatically search text and get back exactly what you're looking for. Along the way, you'll pick up key programming concepts such as methods and how you can use them to bend your data to your will. And finally, you'll instantly power up your programs with the help of library code.

Your new gig at Starbuzz Coffee

Here's the current Starbuzz code

The cost is embedded in the HTML

A string is a series of characters

Find characters inside the text

But how do you get at more than one character?

The String Exposed

Beans'R'Us is rewarding loyal customers

Searching is complex

Python data is smart

Strings and numbers are different

The program has overloaded the Beans'R'Us Server

Time... if only you had more of it

You're already using library code

Order is restored

Your Programming Toolbox

39 41

43 48 50 52 54 64

68 69


Let's get organized

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