Loops let you run the same piece of code over and over again

Programs often need to keep running the same piece of code many times. In addition to branches, programming languages also provide loops.

Loops are a little like branches.Just like branches, loops have a condition (the loop condition) that is either true or false. Also, like the i f part of branches, if the loop condition is true, then a loop will run a given piece of code. For a branch, this code is called the body. For a loop, it's called the loop body.

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The big difference between a loop and a branch is how many times it runs the code associated with it. A branch will run its code only once. But a loop will run the loop body, then check the loop condition again and, if it's still true, it will run the loop body again. And again. And again. In fact, it will keep running the loop body until the loop condition becomes false.

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