Radio buttons force users to choose a valid depot

Text fields aren't the only data-entry game in town. If you look at any GUI program, you will find a whole host of different widgets being used: sliders, buttons, check boxes. Why are there so many different types of widget? Are they just there to make the interface more interesting to use?

The reason there are so many widgets is to allow the programmer to efficiently manage and control the kind of data that people can enter.

If you want to allow a small number of values for a field, you can use the radio button widget. A radio button works just like the AM/FM selection buttons on your radio: press AM and the FM button pops up. Press FM and the reverse happens.

Radio buttons in a GUI program work in the same way: if you select one of the buttons, the other buttons are automatically deselected. That way, you can choose only one from a small group of options.

Click FM and the AM button pops up.

Radio buttons


>® Cambridge, mA O Cambridge, UK O Seattle, WA


Click FM and the AM button pops up.



So if you replace the depot Entry field in the Head-Ex program with a set of radio buttons, you prevent users from entering ambiguous depot names. That way, they will be able to choose one, and only one, depot.

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