Requirements can be complex but programs dont have to be

By using object orientation, you can give your programs great power without writing lots of extra code. Keep reading, and you'll create custom widgets that do exactly what you want and give you the power to take your programming skills to the next level.

The DJ wants to play more than one track 350

Create code for each track as a function 351

The new function contains other functions 356

Your new function needs to create widgets and event handlers 357

The DJ is confused 362

Group widgets together 363

A frame widget contains other widgets 364

A class is a machine for creating objects 366

A class has methods that define behavior 367

But how does an object call a method? 369

The SoundPanel class looks a lot like the create_gui0 function 370

class = methods + data 372

The Class Exposed 373

The DJ has an entire directory of tracks 378

It's party time! 382

Your Programming Toolbox 383

Leaving town... 384

It's been great having you here in Codeville! 384

W i leftovers

The Top Ten Things (we didn't cover)

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