Starbuzz is out of beans

The Starbuzz buyers love the program you created in the last chapter. Thanks to your efforts, the Starbuzz CEO is only buying coffee beans when the price drops below $4.74, and his organization is saving money as a result.

But, now there's a problem: some Starbuzz outlets have run out of beans.

We have a worldwide crisis! We've run out of coffee beans in some of our stores, and we've lost some customers, too. My buyers are only buying coffee when the cost is low, but if we run short on coffee supplies, I'll pay any price.

When the coffee beans start to run low in an outlet, the Starbuzz baristas need to be able to send an emergency order to the CEO. The outlets need some way of immediately requesting the purchase of coffee beans at the current price, regardless of what that price is. They also need the option of waiting for the best price, too, just like in the current program.

The program needs an extra option.

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