The code that you write will make its way into many programs

And, although sharing is good, you need to be careful. One programmer might take your code and use it in an unexpected way, while another might change it without even letting you know. You might want to use one function in all your programs and, over time, that function's code might change to suit your needs. Smart programmers take advantage of modular programming techniques to keep their workload manageable.

Head First Health Club is upgrading some systems 178

The program needs to create a transaction file 179

Use strings to format strings 180

The Format String Exposed 186

A late night email ruins your day 187

Only the sales from your program were rejected 189

The new bank uses a new format 190

Your coffee bar program still uses the old format 191

Don't just update your copy 192

So how do you create a module...? 193

The transaction file is working great, too 199

The health club has a new requirement 200

The Starbuzz code 205

The two discount functions have the same name 206 Fully Qualified Names (FQNs) prevent your programs from getting confused 207

The discounts get the customers flooding in 213

Your Programming Toolbox 214

building a graphical user interface Going all gooey

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