The cost is embedded in the HTML

Take a closer look at the results of the program. The current price of beans is right in the middle of the output:

M python stall

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Python J.O.I (riUlifcUSit, l'e& 17 awos, 15:15:3/) [RCr U.l.i] Ehn limn?

Type "copyright", " or edit h" or "licenae|)" tor more information.

<htmls-<head><title>Welcom to the Beans'R'Us Pricing Page</title>

I inK re 1—"stylesheet" type-"t est/ess' hra r-" bean a rua. ess" /> </tiead><body>

ih2 iWel come to the Beans'P.'Us Prlcinq Paqet^irr^-^ -ip>Curront pricc of oofioc beans — <atrong(f 5. i9\/otrong></p> *p^price valid Tor 15 minutes iron 19:i2 on~ifSTi?ie a day 27/03/2009.t/p> </bodyx/htral> \ . v.ow need

This is -the HTML ¿ode TW,S V3^ *ro* the pHi« web

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The Starbuzz CEO would find it a lot easier if you could extract the price of beans and just display that, rather than have to look for it in the HTML. But how do you do that?

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