The GUI works but doesnt do anything

Nice interface, but it doesn't work. When I click on a button, nothing happens... I don't hear anything. What happened to my cool sound effects?

The graphical user interface might be ready, but the program is not complete.

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Dumb Questions

So all tkinter gives me is the ability to draw the GUI?

ll, yes, but there's quite a lot of functionality wrapped up in that small number of lines of tkinter code.

Q/ That pack () method looks a little weird... how does it know where to put things?

A." The pack () method adopts a best-guess approach when it comes to packing your GUI widgets within your GUI application window. This usually works out, and when it doesn't, pack() 's parameters give you some control over the situation.

That's all that left, right, top, and bottom stuff, isn't it?

A." Yes, as well as the padx and pady parameters. They help with widget positioning, too, by putting additonal space (or padding) around your buttons.

Q/ OK, I get that, but how come nothing happens when I click on my buttons?

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