Things are going great at HeadEx

The GUI system is easy to use, and by restricting the depots with an option menu, the quality of the entered data is spot on. This means the Head-Ex delivery service is more reliable, the number of customers is increasing, and the business is growing bigger—worldwide.

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Your GUI data-entry systems have helped our business take off. Your first bonus check is queued for delivery!

Using tkinter's data models, you used the power of model-view-controller to build a GUI data-entry system that really rocks.

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Your Programming Toolbox

You've got Chapter 8 under your belt. Let's look back at what you've learned in this chapter:



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8 1A exceptions and message boxes

^ Get the message?

Sometimes things just go wrong. You just need to handle it.

There will always be things beyond your control. Networks will fail. Files will disappear. Smart coders learn how to deal with those kinds of errors and make their programs recover gracefully. The best software keeps the user informed about the bad things that happen and what should be done to recover. By learning how to use exceptions and message boxes, you can take your software to the next level of reliability and quality.

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