Let's take the latest version of the program for a spin in IDLE. In addition to turning the sound on and off with the checkbox, you should be able to dynamically and interactively adjust the volume with the slider.



It works. Not only can you start and stop the track, but you can now adjust the volume, too! And all from the one GUI... sweet!

The DJ is over the moon!

Your code has shown the DJ that his idea for the Ultimate Music Mixing program is not as far-fetched as everyone once thought. With his idea, talent, good looks, and—above all else—modesty, together with your coding skills, the world's the limit for what you can accomplish together. The World Music Mixing Expo is next month, and the DJ can't wait to show off your completed software.

programming toolbox

Your Programming Toolbox

You've got Chapter 9 under your belt. Let's look back at what you've learned in this chapter:


10 custom widgets and classes

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