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With the changes made to your program in IDLE, press F5 to see how things perform now.

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Head First Mix track - mi xer.Sound(aDund_fileI track_playing - IntVnrf)

3tart_butron = Button(app, comma nd=t rack_st art, text = ic .nrc ) 31 art_bkitton. pack (a ide - LEFT}

atop_button = Button;appr command = track._3cop, text = "Stop- ) a fc op_button.pack(aide - III GET}

app - protocol ( "WU_DELETE_KlNBOW", ahutdovp app, r.ainloop ( ) i

The sound stops when I click to close the window, but now the GUI doesn't disappear!



What gives? You've solved one problem, but created another. When the DJ clicks on the close box, the track stops playing, which is what you wanted. But now, the window won't close.

This can't be good, can it?

terminate with extreme prejudice

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