Youve come a long way

But learning how to program is an activity that never stops. The more you code, the more you'll need to learn new ways to do certain things. You'll need to master new tools and new techniques, too. There's just not enough room in this book to show you everything you might possibly need to know. So, here's our list of the top ten things we didn't cover that you might want to learn more about next.

#1: Doing things "The Python Way" 386

#2: Using Python 2 387

#3: Other programming languages 388

#4: Automated testing techniques 389

#5: Debugging 390

#6: Command-line execution 391

#7: Ooops... we could've covered more OOP 392

#8: Algorithms 393

#9: Advanced programming topics 394

#10: Other IDEs, shells and text editors 395

hoW to use this book


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