Lua Pros and Cons

The pros of Lua are as follows:

• Lua is probably the fastest of the three languages and usually uses the least amount of runtime memory.

• Lau has the smallest memory footprint for bundling.

• The Lau C API is very well documented and has good examples for integrating with C.

The cons of Lua are as follows:

• The documentation has improved but is still a bit sketchy overall. Of the three languages, Lua it is probably the least documented (the API being the exception), with the least amount of code comments. This makes for the largest ramp-up time to learn, and there isn't much in the way of introductory Lua material.

• There isn't a lot of built-in functionality for Lua. There is little support if you need to create a large, complex application.

• Lua could use a better garbage collector—the current development is moving towards that now. Right now, Lua GC uses a very simple and traditional simple mark and sweep.

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    What are the cons for Lua?
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