Python Pros and Cons

The pros of Python are as follows:

• Python has more extension modules than the other languages.

• Many online Python tutorials exist. There are also plenty of English books and reference materials, many sample scripts exist online, and there is a wealth of introductory material. The Website is a good place to start looking for these because it has sections for beginners, tutorials, guides organized by topic, and lists of links and references.

• Most folks really enjoy the syntax of the Python language because it appears clean and is easy to read.

• Python has an edge where libraries are concerned. There are many libraries, and, for the most part, they are well documented.

• Lots of tools that tie into Python are available, and they are often easier to find than the tools for Lua and Ruby.

The cons of Python are as follows:

• Existing Python debuggers are considered quirky and slow. Debugging support on Macintosh and consoles is even weaker.

• It can be difficult to bundle Python with other languages. There are lots of binary DLLs, and Python has (compared to the other languages) a large standard distribution.

• Lots of folks really dislike the white space sensitivity of Python syntax.

• Python can be quite slow at times, as everything is an object on the heap.

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