The for loop and tuple unpacking

You can use tuple unpacking to make some for loops cleaner. The following code takes a list of two-element tuples and calculates the value of the sum of the products of the two numbers in each tuple (a moderately common mathematical operation in some fields):

result = 0

for t in somelist:

result = result + (t[0] * t[1]) Here's the same thing, but cleaner:

for x, y in somelist:

We use a tuple x, y immediately after the for keyword, instead of the usual single variable. On each iteration of the for loop, x contains element 0 of the current tuple from list, and y contains element 1 of the current tuple from list. Using a tuple in this manner is a convenience of Python, and doing this indicates to Python that each element of the list is expected to be a tuple of appropriate size to unpack into the variable names mentioned in the tuple after the for.

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