Additional Extension modules

There are three extension packages that come included with numarray which are now downloaded separately. Stubs for these packages exist in numpy.numarray but they try and find the actual code by looking at what is currently installed. These packages are available in SciPy but can be installed separately as well:

• convolve -> scipy.stsci.convolve

If you don't want to install all of scipy, you can grab just these packages from SVN using svn co ndimage svn co stsci and then run cd ndimage; sudo python install cd stsci; sudo python install

On a Windows system, you can use the Tortoise SVN client which is integrated into the Windows Explorer. It can be downloaded from Instructions on how to use it are also provided on that site. After downloading the packages from SVN, installation will still require a C-compiler (the mingw32 compiler works fine even with MSVC-compiled Python as long as you specify -compiler=mingw32). Alternatively you can download binary releases of scipy from to get the needed functionality or use the Enthon edition of Python.

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