No Jmportufunc

import_ufunc (void) (void)

These are the constants and functions for accessing the ufunc C-API from extension modules in precisely the same way as the array C-API can be accessed. The import_ufunc() function must always be called (in the initialization subroutine of the extension module). If your extension module is in one file then that is all that is required. The other two constants are useful if your extension module makes use of multiple files. In that case, define PY_UFUNC_UNIQUE_SYMBOL to something unique to your code and then in source files that do not contain the module initialization function but still need access to the UFIJNC API, define PY_UFUNC_UNIQUE_SYMBOL to the same name used previously and also define NO_IMPORT_UFUNC.

The C-API is actually an array of function pointers. This array is created (and pointed to by a global variable) by import_ufunc. The global variable is either statically defined or allowed to be seen by other files depending on the state of Py_UFUNC_UNIQUE_SYMBOL and NO_IMPORT_UFUNC.

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