Summary of differences with Numarray

Conversion from Numarray can also be relatively painless, depending on how dependent your code is on the specific structure of the Numarray ufuncs, cfuncs, and various array-like objects. The internals of Numarray can be quite different and so depending on how intimately you used those internals adapting to NumPy can be more or less difficult. C-code that used the Numarray C-API can be easily adapted because NumPy includes a Numarray-compatible C-API module. All you need to do is replace usage of "numarray/libnumarray.h" with "numpy/libnumarray.h" and be sure the directory returned from the Python command numpy.get_numarrayjnclude() is included in the list of directories used for compilation.

On the Python-side the largest number of differences are in the methods and attributes of the array and the way array data-types are represented. In addition, arrays containing Python Objects, strings, and records are an integral part of the array object and not handled using a separate class (although enhanced separate classes do exist for the case of character arrays and record arrays).

As is the case with Numeric, there is a two-step process available for migrating code written for Numarray to work with NumPy. This process involves running functions in the modules alter_codel and alter_code2 located in the numar-ray sub-package of NumPy. These modules have interfaces identical to the ones that convert Numeric code, but they work to convert code written for numarray. The first module will convert your code to use the numarray compatibility module (numpy.numarray), while the second will try and help convert code to move away from dependency on the compatibility module. Because many users will probably be content to only use the first step, the alter_code2 module for second-stage migration may not be as complete as it otherwise could be.

Also, the alter_codel module is not guaranteed to convert every piece of working numarray code to use NumPy. If your code relied on the internal module structure of numarray or on how the class hierarchy was laid out, then it will need to be changed manually to run with NumPy. Of course you can still use your code with Numarray installed side-by-side and the two array objects should be able to exchange data without copying.

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