The numberguessing game again

In chapter 1, we made a simple number-guessing program. Now let's try the same thing, but using EasyGui for the input and output. Listing 6.5 has the code.

Listing 6.5 Number-guessing game using EasyGui import random, easygui secret = random.randint(1, 99) guess = 0 tries = 0

Picks a secret number easygui.msgbox( AHOY! I'm the Dread Pirate Roberts, and I have a secret!

It is a number from 1 to 99. I'll give you 6 tries )

Gets the players guess while guess != secret and tries < 6:

guess = easygui.integerbox("What's yer guess, matey?") if not guess: break if guess < secret:

easygui.msgbox(str(guess) + " is too low, ye scurvy dog!") elif guess > secret:

easygui.msgbox(str(guess) + " is too high, landlubber!") tries = tries + 1

Uses up one try if guess == secret:

easygui.msgbox("Avast! Ye got it! Found my secret, ye did!") else:

easygui.msgbox("No more guesses! Better luck next time, matey!

Allows up to 6 guesses

Prints message at end of game

We still haven't learned how all the parts of this program work, but type it in and give it a try. You should see something like this when you run it:

Easygui Integerbox

We'll be learning about if, else, and elif in chapter 7, and while in chapter 8. We'll learn about random in chapter 15, and we'll use it a lot more in chapter 23.

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