Simulating Racquetball A Simulation Problem

Suzie Programmer's friend, Denny Dibblebit, plays racquetball. Over years of playing, he has noticed a strange quirk in the game. He often competes with players who are just a little bit better than he is. In the process, he always seems to get thumped, losing the vast majority of matches. This has led him to question what is going on. On the surface, one would think that players who are slightly better should win slightly more often, but against Denny, they seem to win the lion's share.

One obvious possibility is that Denny Dibblebit's problem is in his head. Maybe his mental game isn't up to par with his physical skills. Or perhaps the other players are really much better than he is, and he just refuses to see it.

One day, Denny was discussing racquetball with Suzie, when she suggested another possibility. Maybe it is the nature of the game itself that small differences in ability lead to lopsided matches on the court. Denny was intrigued by the idea; he didn't want to to waste money on an expensive sports psychologist if it wasn't going to help. But how could he figure out if the problem was mental or just part of the game?

Suzie suggested she could write a computer program to simulate certain aspects of racquetball. Using the simulation, they could let the computer model thousands of games between players of differing skill levels. Since there would not be any mental aspects involved, the simulation would show whether Denny is losing more than his share of matches.

Let's write our own racquetball simulation and see what Suzie and Denny discovered.

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  • Ghenet Afwerki
    How to simulate a racketball game in Python?
    3 months ago

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