Data Types and Data Structures

In this chapter, we begin a Python conversion course that shows non-Python programmers how to program with Python. We introduce some fundamental data types and data structures, as well as some of Python's procedural syntax. The approach taken throughout is to emphasize realistic code like that used in practice, rather than giving the formal definitions and explanations that are already available in the documentation that is supplied with Python and available online at

Python Shell asiSs


Hie Edit Shell Dehug Options Windows Help

return 1

return f


»> factorial (0) i

119785 716659698.9179607 2 783 7 216S90.§8 7 3645 S§yS142 54 64 2 5 85 75 55362864628039582789645 31968QW00000®$&ÍJP00L


Ln: 32 Col: 4

Figure 1.1 The IDLE Python Shell window

Figure 1.1 The IDLE Python Shell window

If you have not already installed Python and PyQt, it would be a good idea to do so: That way you will be able to try out the examples that accompany this book (downloadable from See Appendix A for installation details. One advantage of installing the software is that the IDLE integrated development environment is installed along with Python.

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