All the tools described in this book are freely available for downloading online. Note, however, that some of the packages are quite large (~50MB for Qt, ~12MB for Python, ~6MB for PyQt, and ~0.5MB for SIP*), so they are only really suitable for downloading with broadband connections. In this appendix we cover both downloading and installing, on Windows, Mac OS X, and most X11-based forms of Unix and Unix clones, including Linux and BSD.

All of the packages come with their own installation instructions, which will probably be more up-to-date and comprehensive than those given here, so ideally they are the instructions that you should follow. However, in many cases, this appendix contains sufficient information to get the tools installed and working. One approach would be to use this appendix to identify the packages that need to be obtained (and the order in which they should be downloaded, which matters for Windows users), as well as the order they should be installed (which matters for all platforms). Then, once the tools are downloaded, use the official instructions to install each one, and skim this appendix's instructions to help clarify what needs to be done, as well as to learn a couple of tips, one for Windows users and one for Mac OS X users, that may prove helpful.

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