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Sending Input to a CGI Script

You have seen one example of a CGI script processing preset environment variables. We now use an environment variable to supply data (e.g., client's name, search-engine query, etc.) to a CGI script. This section presents the environment variable QUERY_STRING that provides such a mechanism. The QUERY_STRING variable contains extra information that is appended to a URL in a GET request, following a question mark ( ). For example, the URL

Example Program Word Frequency

Let's write a program that analyzes text documents and counts how many times each word appears in the document. This kind of analysis is sometimes used as a crude measure of the style similarity between two documents and is also used by automatic indexing and archiving programs (such as Internet search engines).

Adding more Python libraries

Finding a Python package or module can be as easy as entering the functionality you're looking for, like mp3 tags and Python into a search engine, and then sorting through the results. If you're lucky, you may find the module you need packaged for your OS with an executable Windows or Mac OS X installer or a package for your Linux distribution.

Using Eclipse

If you wish to use the Eclipse IDE for development, you should definitely download the Google App Engine plug-in using the link provided earlier in the chapter. You should also use the PyDev plug-in which is available at http . For the purposes of this section, we used Eclipse Galileo and started a new project named JythonGAE as a Google Web Application. When creating the project, make sure you check the box for using Google App Engine and uncheck the Google Web Toolkit option. You will find that Eclipse creates a directory structure for your application that is much the same as the project template that is included with the Google App Engine SDK. When you are ready to deploy the application, you can choose to use the Google App Engine development environment or deploy to the cloud. You can run the application by right-clicking on the project and choosing Run As option and then choose the Google Web Application option. The first time you run the application you...


JSONRPC is very similar to XMLRPC, but uses the JSON based protocol to encode the data instead of XML. As an example of application here, we discuss its usage with Pyjamas. Pyjamas is a Python port of the Google Web Toolkit (originally written in Java). Pyjamas allows to write a client application in Python. Pyjamas translates this code into JavaScript. web2py serves the javascript and communicates with it via AJAX requests originating from the client and triggered by user actions.

Urllib Package

The urllib package provides a high-level interface for writing clients that need to interact with HTTP servers, FTP servers, and local files. Typical applications include scraping data from web pages, automation, proxies, web crawlers, and so forth. This is one of the most highly configurable library modules, so every last detail is not presented here. Instead, the most common uses of the package are described. The urllib.robotparser module (robotparser in Python 2) is used to fetch and parse the contents of 'robots.txt' files used to instruct web crawlers. Consult the online documentation for further usage information.

Working with Strings

There are many types of programs that not only read strings as input and write strings as output, but also perform operations on strings. Word processing programs, for example, manipulate large amounts of text, and thus work extensively with strings. Email programs and search engines are other examples of programs that perform operations on strings.


Now visit your favorite search engine and look up some tutorials on UML. There are dozens, so find the one that suits your preferred method of study. Sketch some class diagrams or a sequence diagram for the objects you identified earlier. Don't get too hung up on memorizing the syntax (after all, if it is important, you can always look it up again), just get a feel for the language. Something will stay lodged in your brain, and it can make communicating a bit easier if you can quickly sketch a diagram for your next OOP discussion.

Alex Martelli

I couldn't possibly have done the job without an impressive array of technology to help me. I don't know the names of all the people I should thank for the Internet, ADSL, and Google's search engines, which, together, let me look things up so easilyor for many of the other hardware and software technologies cooperating to amplify my productivity. But, I do know I couldn't have made it without Theo de Raadt's OpenBSD operating system, Steve Jobs' inspiration behind Mac OS X and the iBook G4 on which I did most of the work, Bram Moolenaar's VIM editor, and, of course, Guido van Rossum's Python language. So, I'll single out Theo, Steve, Bram, and Guido for special thanks

SEO Article Copywriting

SEO Article Copywriting

Ghost Writing and Its Link to Internet Marketing. From 1996 to 2000, SEO copywriting was still not formulated. To optimize Websites, operators and owners had just needed to formulate and create Meta tags or titles and submit the tags and the whole Website to directories and search engines so that search listing would include the Website.

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