Contents at a Glance

■About the Author xvi

■About the Technical Reviewer xvii

■Acknowledgements xviii

■Introduction xix

■Chapter 1: Reading and Collecting Performance Data Using SNMP 1

■Chapter 2: Managing Devices Using the SOAP API 41

■Chapter 3: Creating a Web Application for IP Address Accountancy 75

■Chapter 4: Integrating the IP Address Application with DHCP 107

■Chapter 5: Maintaining a List of Virtual Hosts in an Apache Configuration File 137

■Chapter 6: Gathering and Presenting Statistical Data from Apache Log Files 159

■Chapter 7: Performing Complex Searches and Reporting on Application Log Files 181

■Chapter 8: A Web Site Availability Check Script for Nagios 211

■Chapter 9: Management and Monitoring Subsystem 231

■Chapter 10: Remote Monitoring Agents 269

■Chapter 11: Statistics Gathering and Reporting 297

■Chapter 12: Automatic MySQL Database Performance Tuning 329

■Chapter 13: Using Amazon EC2/S3 as a Data Warehouse Solution 349

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