Integrating the IP Address Application with DHCP

In the previous chapter, we implemented a simple IP accounting application that allows users to keep track of their IP address estate. I described the full lifecycle of the application, from requirements gathering through the design phase and finally the implementation. The emphasis was on the importance of the requirements and design phases as these allow you as a developer to validate your implementation.

You may have noticed that, although we implemented most of the initial requirements, we did not get all of them! I deliberately left out a few, such as the search function, DNS resolution, and active check. I did that primarily to demonstrate how easy is to validate your implementation and show what's missing in it, but also simply to keep the chapter to a manageable size and not to overwhelm you with information.

So, in this chapter we are going to implement the missing components and extend the original design with new functionality by adding support for DHCP service.

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