In this chapter you have learned how to use Python for accessing the SOAP API to monitor and manage Citrix Netscaler load balancers. You also learned how to organize your own project, how to structure your code, and how to handle errors and report the functional status of your module.

• The SOAP API is a method to call procedures on a remote server, also called a web service.

• The SOAP protocol defines a message structure for information exchange between service provider and consumer.

• SOAP messages use the XML language to structure data.

• The underlying or carrier protocol is HTTP.

• WSDL is used to describe all services available on a web service and the data structures used in call/response messages.

• The WSDL definition can be converted to Python helper modules with the wsdl2py tool.

• It is important to define requirements before you start coding.

• Handle errors and exceptions appropriately.

• Use the logging module to log messages and group them by severity.


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