In this chapter we have expanded the functionality of the network address management application by adding support for DHCP and also performing some checks, such as DNS lookups and ICMP pings, to make sure the address is in use.

• Generic views help to reduce the amount of code you need to write; use them to perform generic tasks such as displaying object information and to perform basic manipulations such as delete, modify and add.

• You can modify the response MIME type, allowing Django to be used to generate wide variety of content—HTML, XML, text, and even binary documents.

• Think about the user experience and whether your application will perform various tasks as quickly when the amount of data grows. If you need to, use JavaScript to postpone content loading.

• You don't need to have libraries available or write your own functionality to perform certain tasks. If you need to—you can use system utilities such as ping, to perform these tasks.


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