Ticket Dispatcher

Once the tickets are placed in the pending tickets queue, there is another process called the ticket dispatcher that searches for pending tickets and sends requests to the client hosts. Each client implements the cmd_submit_reading XMLRPC call that expects to find the following information in the request:

• Ticket number

• Sensor parameters

Additionally, I also need to know the hostname and port number of the XML-RPC server. All this information is scattered across multiple tables and needs to be pulled together. Figure 9-3 is an ER diagram of the tables that contain this information and how they are related to each other. This will help define the SQL query.

Ticket Request System Erd
Figure 9-3. ER diagram of the tables and relations for the ticket dispatcher component

As you already know, the ticket queue contains ticket IDs and the hostprobe row IDs, so I have to start by requesting all entries that have not been dispatched yet:


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