Here you find instructions on how to install Python and its documentation, as well as a list of new features introduced with each new version of Python since 2.0.

Icons appear throughout the book to indicate special material. Here's what they mean:

Tip A Tip explains how to do something a little bit more easily and efficiently. Warning A Warning gives you a heads-up about tricky stuff or common mistakes that might cause data loss or some other sort of headache. It's best to read Warnings to make sure a tricky feature doesn't "getcha." TECHNICAL A Technical Stuff icon flags text that's of interest to readers who like STUFF to know about the inner workings or history of a subject. You don't need to read Technical Stuff material. After you've internalized a little about a subject, reading this text might help you understand it from a different angle. REMEMBER Remember icons highlight important concepts or pieces of information to keep in mind.

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