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Smart programmers have come up with a variety of methods for writing better programs. Many of those methods are combined under the umbrella of Extreme Programming(XP). (Some programmers have always wanted to be as cool as skateboarders. Maybe using a term like this helps. Or maybe not.)

The idea behind XP is simple: If a programming method is a Good Idea, take it to the max! For example, one of the best ways of getting bugs out of a program is to have another programmer review the code. Well, why not have the second programmer review the code while you're writing it? That results in what "extreme programmers"

call pair programming.

Similarly, if writing unit tests is good, maybe you should write the tests before you start writing code. That's called test-driven development. This Web page, "Test-Driven Development in Python" by Jason Diamond, has an example: For more info about XP, see this Web site:

Not surprisingly, there is also a lot of hype about XP. Wikipedia to the rescue! Here is a balanced article about Extreme Programming:

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