Building list controls and managing items

This chapter covers

■ Creating list controls in different styles

■ Managing items in a list

■ Responding to user selections from lists

■ Editing labels and sorting lists

■ Creating large list controls

Everyone has a list she needs to see, and wxPython programmers are no exception. In wxPython, there are two controls that you can use to display list-based information. The simpler is the list box, which is a plain single-column scrolled list similar to what you get from an HTML <select> tag. List boxes were discussed in chapter 8, and will not be discussed further in this chapter.

This chapter focuses on the more complicated list display, list control, a full-featured list widget. The list control displays ListCtrl multiple columns of information for each row, sorts based on any column, and can be displayed in different styles. You have a lot of flexibility over the detailed display of each part of the list control.

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