Dynamic updating

All of PyCrust's shell features are updated dynamically as you run PyCrust, which means that features such as autocompletion and calltips are available even on objects defined at the shell prompt. For example, take a look at the sessions shown in figures 4.6 and 4.7 where we have defined and made use of a class.

In figure 4.6, PyCrust displays the autocompletion options available for this new class.

In figure 4.7, PyCrust displays a call tip for the newly defined method of the class.

Figure 4.6 PyCrust's autocompletion information is dynamically generated.
Figure 4.7 PyCrust's calltip information is also dynamically generated

This illustrates the way that PyCrust leverages the dynamic runtime capabilities of Python, which would be impossible in other programming languages that are statically typed and compiled.

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